Co Ed Friday's 

July 16th

Havoc        6-7   Purple dons                     

Spartans   8-2   Rage                

Arsenal     10-1 Sons of pitches  

Elite          7-5   Tranquilty               

Turf Ratz  10-3 Galacticos    

July 23rd

 Havoc        0-10  Spartans            

Galacticos   4-5   Tranquilty           

Elite             3-0  Sons of Pitches 

Purple         3-3   Rage                 

Arsenal       4-6   Turf Ratz         

July 30th

Arsenal         8-5  Elite             

Purple dons 1-3  Galacticos        

Rage            7-3  Sons of pitches 

Havoc           2-9  Tranquilty        

Turf Ratz      7-6  Spartans       


Aug 6th

Havoc          v  Arsenal             6.30pm #3
Galacticos   v  Spartans           7.00pm  #2
Purple         v  Tranquility          7.30pm #3
Rage           v  Elite                   8.00pm #3
Turf Ratz    v  Sons of Pitches  8.30pm  #2


Aug 13th
Elite            v  Galacticos
Tranquilty    v  Rage
Arsenal       v  Purple Dons
Turf Ratz    v   Havoc
Spartans    v  Sons of Pitches



Aug 20th
Spartans    v  Arsenal
Elite           v  Havoc
Tranquilt     v  Sons of Pitches
Rage         v   Galacticos
Turf Ratz   v   Purple Dons


Aug 27th

Spartans   v   Purple Dons
Elite          v   Turf Ratz
Tranquility v   Arsenal
Rage         v  Havoc
Galacticos v  Sons of Pitches

Sept 3rd
Spartans   v   Elite
Purple       v  Sons of Pitches
Havoc        v  Galacticos
Arsenal      v  Rage
Turf Ratz    v  Tranquility


Sept 10th
Galacticos v  Arsenal
Havoc        v  Sons of pitches
Elite           v  Purple Dons
Tranquility  v  Spartans
Rage         v  Turf Ratz


Sept 17th

Semi Finals

1st v 4th

2nd v 3rd

Sept 24th


Winner Semi v Winner Semi