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Player Information

and Updates


Season Registration Dues are to be paid at the time of the Start of Current Season Registration.  Please understand that this is our NEW payment system. You can also pay online under the REGISTRATION tab for the full season. We also take Cash, Credit Card, Zelle and Venmo at the sign-in/registration table.

*Checks will no longer be accepted as a form of payment.

**You may Guest Play ONE time per season at at rate of $15, if you decide to return, the remaining balance of current season registration will be due**


*Player Waiver*

(must be signed before gametime (once per calendar year)

at the sign-in desk)

Waiver YPL.jpg



**These are general guidelines to refer to on a player's code of conduct. YPL has the authority to review all player misconduct cases that are reported with the safety, integrity and moral manner of the league and its players involved.

Each reported player will be cited on a case by case basis for the overall safety of

Yucaipa Premier Leagues players, officiating referees and teams**


*Violation cards are issued by the game officiating referee(s) at their discrepancy and within their scope of training. Any complaint against a referee may be filed after the game and not discussed with the referees during game time.*

  • 1 red card -ejection from game, player warning given =1 game suspension

  • 2 red cards per season =3 game suspension

  • 3 red cards, suspension for season and the rest of the calendar year

**Player must leave the field and general playing area after a red card has been issued.

Please respect this policy as it helps to deescalate the situation.


Overall Player Code of Conduct that may result in your dismissal or suspension of games and/or the league may include, but not limited to, are as follows:

  Verbal abuse toward fellow league players and toward refs; Extreme aggressive behavior towards other players and refs; Behavior that is unsuitable and deemed inappropriate while at the soccer field pregame and postgame that directly interacts with fellow league players and refs; Overall team safety of their players and refs; inappropriate behavior towards opposing teams during, before and after game; Multiple repeated violations that have placed the safety of the players and referees at risk and/or harm;

**Spitting, punching, smacking, sliding or any other extreme physical behavior will result in complete player termination from Yucaipa Premier League**

These are general player of conduct guidelines, players are not limited to these, as each complaint is reviewed by a case basis by Yucaipa Premier League Administration.


We will be playing at 2 sites this upcoming season (Spring 2023), Friday Division will be played at Yucaipa Community Park and Sunday Divisions will be played at Yucaipa Highschool.

*Please have your players park in the parking lots and not on the red curbs or driving areas.

*Have your team ready to play at the scheduled game times. Clock will begin promptly at your assigned gametimes as long as ref is present. Do not wait for the referees to blow their whistle to check in. Games will forfeit if teams do not have enough players 10 minutes post gametime scheduled start.

*To expedite registration please have as many players register online at 

*All male players, returning and new, must show ID to verify age- men must be 30 years old and over to play in the current CoEd divisions.
*Fighting will not be tolerated this season and beyond. If a physical fight occurs, players involved will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
*There is no alcohol allowed on any of the fields that we use to play league games. If a team has open alcohol beverages among their players OR their spectators, games will be stopped and forfeited.


There will be no REFUNDS given after season start. Registration is online or at the beginning of the season. You may register after season start at the Rate of the Division you will be joining.

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